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Since data for 2008 is not always complete, the observations below mainly relate to 2007. No data exists at the time of writing for four Member States: the Czech Republic has yet to create an equality body; that of Luxembourg was created only in 2008; that of Spain is not yet operational


....in 2008 both Greece and Spain have been criticised by Amnesty International, once again, with respect to accusations of police brutality against migrants and asylum seekers

In Spain, according to the 2007 annual report84 of the Oficina per la No Discriminació [Agency for Non-Discrimination], the Fiscalia Superior de Justícia de Catalunya [Office for the Public Prosecution in Catalonia] investigated nine housing agencies in July 2007 for alleged swindles related to flat renting, mostly affecting immigrants.

In Spain, the first report of the Barcelona Agency for Public Health198 on the health status of migrants noted that migrant women from developing countries in low-skilled jobs have frequently felt discriminated against in receiving health care.

In Spain, women victims of domestic violence are now entitled to certain benefits including
the right to public compensation.

Three Member States (Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain) allow same sex marriage with the same rights as different sex marriage, which in theory should allow them unconditional right of entry and residence into another Member State

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